Silly Poems for You to Finish!

Can You Please Help Me?

I have these silly poems that aren't finished!  
Could you put a word in the blank place
to make the poems rhyme?

Sometimes I dream funny dreams.
Sometimes my dreams are sad.
Daddy must dream scary things.
His snores growl really _____!

Gramma's in the kitchen
baking cherry pies.
Gramma's pies are really sweet.
Just look at all the _______!

Violets are blue
Roses are red.
Please don't kiss me
'cause I have the ________.

I like to chew gum.
Can you blow a bubble?
Don't get it in your hair
Or you might get in _________!

Violets are blue.
Roses are pink.
Put on your shoes!
Your feet really _________!

Our picnic was ruined
by lots and lots of ants.
I guess that I'll be happy
the ants weren't in my ______!

I like playing hide and seek
in every kind of weather.
What if they can't find me?
Will I have to hide for________?

Mary had some jelly
and she spread it on a waffle.
Then she ate thirteen of them
and now she's feeling _______.

Yankee Doodle flew through space
riding on a rocket.
He landed on the moon and put
some moon rocks in his _________.

Roses are green.
Valentines are white.
If you think that's true,
you won't be _________.

Roses, roses everywhere,
and blue violets are many.
If we go out and pick them all,
it's sad, there won't be  ________.

Slugs are very slow.
Centipedes are fast.
I am somewhere in between
I'm never first or ________.

Cats are soft and fluffy.
Sometimes dogs are, too.
I have one of each of them!
Tell me, please, do _____?

I love chewing gum
and blowing bubbles too.  
Just don't drop it on the floor.
It might get on your _____.

I love eating candy,
so much that I could shout!
Grampa says his false teeth fit
where all his teeth fell ______.

I went to the beach
with mom and my friend, Dave.
The ocean sure was friendly.
All it did was _______!

Mrs. Doodle went to town,
riding on a 'gator.
She hadn't fed the 'gator,
so the hungry 'gator ________!

My brother got a letter
and it rained so it was damp.
When he looked more carefully,
he saw it had no _________.

I heard a monster growl.
It was outside in the fog.
When I peeked out the window,
I was glad it was my _______.

Mom called me to dinner
and I was very late!
When I sat in my chair,
there was nothing on my ________.

I have some wiggly fingers.
I have ten tickly toes.
I have two flappy ears
but just ONE sniffy ________.

Apples are red.
Skies are blue.
If you have to yawn,
I think I will, ________.

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.  
I had a real good time
and I hope you did _______!

Santa has some reindeer,
Easter has a bunny,
I just have a kitten
and I love him 'cause he's _______.

"May you always see the world through the eyes of a child." ~CJ Heck
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