My Standard Fees:  

>        $50  honorarium for libraries (negotiable).

>        $500 Local School Visit for a day (up to 5 presentations).
If I've already been to your school and it's a repeat visit, we'll work something out.

>        $150 minimum for one classroom presentation.

>        $300 for a three-hour Poetry Workshop

>        $500 Out of State School Visit, plus transportation, room, meals.

>        With the exception of The Villages, Florida, which is local, if I drive, there will be a $.50
per mile charge added in.

Outside of Florida, depending upon the distance, we might need to talk about a plane ticket.

There are Ways to Get Me to Your School for Less:

1.   Split the cost of a plane ticket, lodging, and meals with other local schools in your town. I'll
spend one day in 'School A', one day in 'School B', one day in 'School C', etc.

2.   Arrange to have me come to your school when I'm already going to be in your area and save
the cost of a plane ticket or a charge per mile to drive.

3.   Have a school raffle and sell $1 tickets/chances for a copy of each of my three books,
before my visit.   I'll even donate the books for your raffle!  

4.   Arrange for a fun place in your area for me to bring my partner on a mini vacation -- a cabin
in the mountains, an apartment on the beach, a cute little Bed & Breakfast, etc. You arrange for
accommodations for a few days, I'll spend a day at your school for free!

5.   Have me come during the time you're having interesting people come. I love meeting other
writers or illustrators and I just might lower my price for the chance to get to share ideas
with someone new.

6.   You're a friend, or relative and I'm going to be in your area for some reason.

 Arrange to hold a contest:  "Dinner with the Author Night".  Open it up to the whole town,
advertise in the local papers and radio, sell chances for $5.00.  The winning family will have
dinner with the author, the school will more than make the cost of the school visit -- everyone
wins.  I will even donate copies of my three books as a gift for the winning family.


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