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Hi, I'm Bob.  CJ said you might be stopping by ...

At the age of 21, I had an experience that transformed the course of my life. Some people might call it cosmic consciousness,
others refer to it as a spiritual experience, but I prefer to call it becoming aware.

Over the years, I've been compelled to write and share insights that come to me without asking for them. It's a privilege to
share them and allow the reader to decide whether they ring true to them.

I'm not a salesman for any particular philosophy or religion. I only know what I know. Beliefs are for those seeking truth
through ideas borrowed from others. To me, awareness is personally knowing one's true nature, path and purpose in life. It's
revealed to each of us who have the courage to surrender the mind and ego and let go of the need to control their life.

The mind is a great tool for analyzing and understanding the physical world, until the ego joins with it.  Then the distortion of
reality begins. It takes an awakened heart and the simple purity of feelings to regain a sense of purpose and meaning of life.

I hope those who read my writings feel the same joy and hope that I feel when the insights are given to me to share.

For those of you who are interested, I am an Astrologer and I specialize in awakening and awareness. Rather than make
predictions, I focus on the challenges and changes that take place in a person's life. I can help illuminate what is occurring and
how best to grow from each situation towards a deeper, more awakened self.

The Mission of an Astrologer:
To help a person recognize their true identity, purpose and meaning within a lifetime. This is the gift of astrology in its highest
purpose.  A further purpose is to help a person return to their suspicions, buried over time, as to who they really are, why
they're in this lifetime, and what they are supposed to do for continued growth into awareness.

Coshocton, OH USA

First awakening in 1972.
1990's - spent time with a friend, Alexis, a spiritual channel, and her spirit guide, Neuvelle, in Denver. Neuvelle first taught me
2009 - I found my true love, CJ.

Astrology: References and Testimonials:

Dr. J. M. (DDS) of Columbus OH:
"Don’t ask if you do not want hear the reality! Bob has a wonderful gift of understanding. He is my mirror, confessor and
personal advisor. His ability to understand the universe with all of its intricacies has helped me tremendously. I would tell
anyone they need Bob in their life."

C.G. of Columbus OH:
"Bob, thanks again, we found all info fascinating"

S.C. of Canton OH:
"I met Bob on the Internet and I'm surprised at how intuitive he is. From just a few brief conversations, Bob was able to make
accurate statements about my present life situation. In addition, he was compassionate and caring. He listens and responds
appropriately while encouraging individual growth. It was a pleasure meeting Bob."

G. Alexis Page of Syracuse NY:
"For the past 16 years, Bob has been invaluable with his insights, his expertise, and his accuracy. In addition to being a dear
friend and confidant, Bob's spiritual gifts and intuitive insights have helped to guide points of my life in positive directions.
Bob truly shares his gifts with love and earnest desire. I would highly recommend Bob's services to anyone who genuinely seeks
to further understand the true nature of who they are through astrology."

D.G. of Coshocton OH:
"I met Bob at a self-awareness astrology class he was teaching. When he read my chart, I was totally blown away by his
accuracy of my current situation. Bob has helped me understand that we are all spiritual beings having a human-life experience
and in order to be truly happy we need to follow our heart's desires and not be afraid of change. I would recommend anyone to
Bob who is looking for their true meaning in life."

CJ Heck, DuBois PA:
"I had never had an astrology chart done before. Robert Cosmar did my very first one. I really didn't know what to expect, as I
passed along the birth information he requested. Robert and I had just started dating. I knew he didn't know very much about
me, yet, which was why I was so surprised by his insightful, accurate reading of my life as shown in my natal horoscope. He was
very open, honest and explained every detail in a caring and respectful manner. I was very impressed with his abilities. Yes, I
would highly recommend his services to everyone -- you will not be disappointed!"

Joseph Randell Sherman, Portugal:
"Through text and a series of audio/videos, Robert Cosmar provided me with the most comprehensive, accurate and enlightening
Astrological reading I have ever had. I truly appreciate the hours he must have spent in preparing my reading and making it so
personal. Quality is very important to me and I really feel that his fee was well worth the service that he delivered. I will
certainly consult Robert again and I highly recommend his service to anyone who is seeking an open & honest experience with an
Astrologer who has a true gift of understanding, interpreting and communicating a person's individual birth chart with a genuine
sense of caring and concern for the people he serves. I sense that Robert's work is more than a profession for him ... it is a
personal, loving mission to help others along their journey."

Additional Information:
I do astrological awareness readings in several ways.  Over the years, I've done them for people all over the world. In person,
or over the phone, are the preferred methods, but if that isn't possible, I also do them by email, audio/video, and live video
conferences. I have software that can record an audio/video file while I am reading and explaining your chart, so you can see
both the chart and the explanation of it at the same time.

For a reading, or for prices, please visit my website or contact me at 814-591-3363.

Where to Find Me:

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"Trilogy of Awareness"

Three fictional stories to inspire the imagination, awaken the heart, and give a glimpse of the eternity
that resides in us all.

Home: Where the Heart Is
The tale of a young man from the planet Maldron who is banished to Garbon in another galaxy because he
goes against the archaic values of his government. There he begins an adventure that leads him on a
dangerous journey filled with life-changing challenges.  He encounters a wondrous land of strange beings,
makes new friends, and is ultimately given a magical parchment containing the answer for saving his

Masters of the Park
A despairing middle aged man rediscovers the importance of life with the help of a magical little friend
in a park, where he unknowingly enters a parallel dimension designed for him alone.

The Ghost of Woodstock
Jimi Hendrix returns to help some young guitarists at a music camp near Woodstock.  Through Jimi, the
musicians discover the true magic, the vital key to releasing the music inside them.


"This book is a must read for anyone who loves fiction. These three short stories weave tales of fantasy, imagination, and take
you on magical adventures to other times, places and dimensions. Give yourself or someone you love a wonderful gift -- Trilogy
of Awareness, by Robert Cosmar.  You won't be disappointed. ~CJ Heck

Imaginative and Honest -
Although as a Christ follower I struggled with a portion of the premise, Bob demonstrates amazing creativity and a
transparency into his spirit. I apperciate his honesty and the life lessons the he teaches thrugh these stories. Reading them
with an open heart and mind is healing. It is impossible to read them without seeing yourself mirrored in at least one of the
characters. great book! ~D Lynn Mullins
Bob and CJ

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Awareness:  Being Fully Alive

A book of essay's on awareness and awakening. This is the bridge between mind
and heart, a doorway to the rooms of consciousness and our inner knowing of
the Self.  This book is only available through the Kindle Select Program.

New!  "Big Little Book of Whispers"
The heart speaks in the language of feelings.  Words are the tools used to convey them.   Big Little Book of Whispers is a
book for those whose hearts are open, those who are ready to look into the self.

Big Little Book of Whispers is a collection of short insights which speak to the heart and reveal the true nature of
your inner life.  Each insight is a view into that inner life and assists the mind by creating a bridge between intellect and

For you who are mentally oriented, this book may seem odd, childish, or even silly, but for you who wonder and yearn for
more, it will be a gateway to eternity within your soul and heart.

"Big Little Book of Whispers" -

Review on

"There are some who will say my review of Robert's book isn't as valuable as a review by someone else. After all, I am Robert's life partner. I
also edited the book, so surely I must be biased. They are entitled to their opinion, however, they would be wrong.

There are well over 2,000 whispers in "Big Little Book of Whispers". When I took on the task of editing this 520-page book, my mind tried to
convince me it could be a daunting, tedious experience. It was not. As I began to read, more often than not I found myself lost within each page,
the editing forgotten, my mind and heart working together as I felt each word, each whisper, come alive with meaning.

It took me four readings to finish editing "Big Little Book of Whispers". Each time I began, I found new truths that touched me, like a seed
that was sprouting and growing, page by page.

If you are aware, or awakening, this is a book you will cherish. I would give it ten stars ...
CJ Heck"

The Magic of Love and Intimacy

Essays based on whispers about love and intimacy. Keys to the feeling of
love and how to follow it into an intimate partnership with another and the
universe itself. A doorway into yourself, another and the life you live.

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