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                     Welcome to Barking Spiders Poetry!

To quote Daniel Webster, "There is nothing so powerful as truth." There is also nothing as
powerful as the truth and gentle honesty of a child. Children have such an innocent view of
the world and their surroundings, sometimes with thought-provoking insight.

Hi, I'm CJ, and I'd like to thank you for visiting my website. I love writing fiction and
non-fiction short stories, essays about children and childhood, memoirs, poetry of all kinds,
but my favorite, by far, is poetry for children, and for the child in us all.

The poetry excerpts on these pages are written mostly from a child's point of view and
illustrated with my own child-like drawings. I hope you enjoy them, and I hope you'll share
them with a child. Maybe after reading the poems, you'll even want to order the books.  I
sincerely hope so.

Besides poetry, I'm happy to also share some of my short stories for children. While I try
to never be pushy, each children's story does have a subtle message, which I hope will help
children to understand the sometimes puzzling world they live in.

I invite you to pull up a chair, settle back with your child and get comfy. We'll have a few
laughs, a few tears, and maybe you'll learn something together along the way. Who knows,
you might even get back in touch with your own inner child again.

May you always see the world through the eyes of a child ...


**(NOTE: I'm sorry to say, I no longer do school visits, due to severe arthritis. This was a difficult decision for me and I miss doing them --a lot.)**
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Some nice things people have said:

"You are one of the most gifted children's poets I have ever read!" ~ Todd-Michael St.

"CJ, You are every primary teachers dream come true. I have found that rhyming
words are important for six year olds when learning to spell and read. I love your
poetry!  You never cease to amaze me." ~Joyce Bowling

"You are such a natural and spontaneous writer, who freely gives of her soul to her
readers. You never fail to amuse and entertain with your brilliant and witty writes.
You have a razor sharp mind and acute awareness of what makes people tick, or tock."
~ Peter Paton

"CJ, your work is not only brilliant, it is a joy to the spirit and restores youth to our
hearts. You have a gift for writing what kids think and feel. Thank you CJ." ~ E T

"Amazing talent!" ~Kimmy Van Kooten

"CJ, You fly everyone away on daydreams and wishes, boo-boos and bats, frog legs and
monkeys, and old circus clowns.  I can't think of a single children's poet(and I've read
a few) that has the ability to marry the children's poem with a life's lesson like you do
and keep it fun. You need to go on Oprah. Yes, my dear, CJ, you fly." ~Rusty Daily

"I love your childrens poetry. It's like you revert to the child you're writing about.
Sometimes I wish I could go back and make it all different. Your poems help me see
what I missed. " ~K. Mulroney

"Your poems are a breath of fresh air." ~John Domino

"How I would have loved to have been a child in your world.  Excellent doesn't even
come close ..." ~Georg Mateos

"Incredible." ~Rhonda Galizia

"My dear CJ, you have a heart of innocence in your adorable, creative writes!" ~Karla

"You are one talented writer." ~Lynn Barry

"Your work reminds me of Dr. Suess, sincerely. " ~Andy Turner

"There is a sweet child residing in your heart." ~Victor Buhagiar

"What a uniquely sensitive mind you have, CJ. The children must adore your writes. I
know I sure do." ~Richard Cederberg

"I love how you get into a child's heart with your writing, CJ." ~Sheila G.

"You teach simple truths in such a childlike manner. They are delightful to read." ~J.M.

"Might I bow to you in respect for the abilities your pen contains." ~Phillip William Allen

"CJ, You write so well. You are an ispiration." ~Laura Mayer

"Your children's poem, To A Baby Firefly, is a winner nursery rhyme and it belongs in
the classic children's bedtime story books."~Gloria Buono Daly

"You make me wish I was a kid again." ~Brett Moore

"Your inner child always shines through in your work." ~Joseph OneLight
For my grandsons,
Will James and Matthew

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"Hey CJ,
Fans!  Well done!  My 7 year old daughter and I enjoy reading your stuff online just
before bedtime. Your poems, stories and delightful collection of tongue-twisters
really are written from a kid's perspective.   

Some "kid" oriented writings do not "ring true" on a child's level the way yours do,
particularly given your "Nam" writings; (truly an adult subject)." ~Duane Gels" - great writing tips for college students.

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